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In The Time Of Your Life - Live

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

My previous post was very 'left brain' and technical. Time to mix it up and go the opposite direction to something decidedly 'right brain' and conceptual.

Here is an article I cut out from a magazine many years ago and have reread many times. It's titled "In The Time Of Your Life - Live", and was written by William M. Dingfelder (who describes himself as a most happy fellow).

His advice is as relevant today as when published over 33 years ago.

Dingfelder correctly states "This may be the last self-help guide you'll ever need".

Main points

  • Getting rich isn't worth it

  • You have no choice but to choose

  • Life is not about finding happiness

  • Live

Dingfelder's guidance many years ago opened me to the possibilities of working with financial systems. This led to satisfying employment, travel all over the world and introductions to many great people.

Although a bit unconventional, he offers useful career and life advice.

Without further ado, here is the article.


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